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Small Business WordPress Websites 


These days you can get a great looking website for free. Trouble is, if it's free then you are the customer! You will pay one way or another. So set yourself up with no limits.

No Technical knowledge? 

All technical stuff sorted. Don't worry about  installations, CPanel, setting up emails or analytics.  Everything will be set up for you 


SSL Certificates to secure your site can be installed for you during set up. Essential for e-commerce. Gives  a green padlock url.

Register your domain

 Use the free consult to decide on your domain name. You will want organic SEO to minimise the ongoing marketing costs.

Fast Australian Webhost

Enjoy fast & reliable Linux web hosting from an Australian company. Some web hosting service providers use servers outside Australia, which slow your Australian web site's load times. Not this one!

Tailored support.

Learn from an experienced teacher. Lessons will be tailored to your level of knowledge. Ongoing email support with step by step instructions for your every query.
Pricing Packages for Website Hosting & Design. 
A website is crucial to any business. It's the vehicle through which you will be found (read - forget yellow pages). How people engage with you is fundamental to success. In the same way, I build my business on good engagement with clients. I have learnt to only take on clients who are a good fit. This is why I offer a 45 minute free consultation - it helps me as much as it helps you!
Maintaining Your Website

 Website Care Plans -no contract.

Once you have your bought your domain, sourced website hosting and designed your website (hopefully with me), you will quickly find there is a lot of ongoing work to properly maintain your website.  Like a healthy plant, if you do not tend to it regularly, it will wither and die. A website Care Plan takes care of all the technical WP aspects & website revisions. No contract - cancel anytime.

Hosting Only

 You have your own domain or bought one here.
 You have a website & only need fast, secure Oz hosting.
 You need me only to set up your WP website on cpanel.
 You need a Personal Email  (eg
 You can do your own revisions, backups & updates  in WP.
 You can design your own (unlimited) Pages & Posts. 

No Website Care Plan here!



 Domain & Hosting - sorted by us.
 WordPress Website  - sorted by us
 Weekly Back-Ups to protect your data.
 Core Updates of themes and Plug-ins. 
 Basic Security Measures
 Strategies for anti-spam in place.
 Monitor website  for typos, minor improvements,  broken links.
Minor Amendments -  1 per month (no rollover)

No major revisions here!



 Domain & Hosting- sorted
 WP Website - sorted
 Scheduled Back-ups
 Updates on themes & Plugins
 Security Protection ( 3 levels)
 Regular monitoring of website
 45 min - technical support per month (no rollover)
 Monitor website for typos, minor revisions, broken links.
 Additional training & support for staff members - 2 sessions
 Content management assistance - 3 per month (no rollover)
 Supervision of Content & design styles. . 

No major enhancements here!




Theme Local Jack

Inbuilt SEO - simple to build

Update Prices 

Unlimited pages 

Free Theme & Plugins

Newsletter & Events  Calendar

Photo Gallery & Videos

Website designed for you

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