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Millions try making money online - some have success, but most give up when they realise it is not going to bring immediate financial relief. These are the short term thinkers. If you are willing to think ahead, be patient and make connections now that will eventually be picked up by the robots, you could set yourself up for some residual income in the years ahead.

Here are 6 basic ways to make money online.
1. Affiliate Programs.
I advise an affiliate plug-in to organise your links. You will have to research affiliate products, apply for approval, and be willing to recommend the products you suggest. All those links you get distracted by when reading blogs? They are affiliate links, and when you buy the product from that link, the affiliate gets the commission. If you forward that link to someone, and they buy the product, the affiliate will still be paid, as the affiliate ID is embedded in the link.
2. Adsense ads.
This is the easiest way to make money online. Google guides you to best practices, and matches the contents of your website with relevant adverts. All you have to do is make sure the layout of your website still looks good, and do some possible tweaking here and there. Not a lot of money in it, and you need to abide by their fairly strict rules, eg don't click on the ad!3. Build an email list.
4. Amazon products.
Amazon is mighty, and will run your shop for you. Just join, and start embedding products from Amazon marketplace into your website. It is important to keep tabs on the products to maximise your sales. If you have adsense ads on your website,  Amazon products will greatly affect it. Adsense works well with an information site, whilst Amazon is more for e-commerce sites.
5. Relevant advertisers
To attract relevant advertisers you will need to prove that you have good site traffic. Who wants to advertise on a site that gets little traffic? Advertising space can be very expensive - just like magazines. This is a great way to make money. Just look at Local Search and what they charge.
6. Create your own product
To know all about this, do your research through Reliable Education. Adam has the whole approach to selling your own product on Amazon in a series of great lessons and videos. Of course, you do need to have your own brand, which China will happily patent for you.

In future posts I will expand on these topics, so keep posted!.
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