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Why Me?

I am no spring chicken. Loads of young folk could work faster, longer and harder than I. So why choose me to develop your website investment and maintain it? 

  Teacher & Trainer 

  - Diploma of Teaching -1976 - Primary School Teacher - Mainstream Classes
 -  Bachelor of Education - 1997  - TESOL, Adult Education, Literacy & Numeracy.
 - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - 2016. 
 - 20 years teaching experience with broad knowledge of methodology.
 - excellent email support, specific instructions.
 - Holistic approach to teaching & learning

Business Owner 

 -  Owned and operated Hospitality business (Burnett Heads Takeaway Shop). 
 - Owned & operated business in Tourism - Accommodation (Lighthouse Holiday House) 
 - Owned & operated business in Trades ( Teddies Garden Services)
 - Knowledge of business systems & branding.
- Demonstrated understanding of budget restraints on small businesses.
 - Skilled and patient  communicator 

World Experience

 - It is hard to fool me. I've been around the traps too long! I do not fall for passing fads, fashionable apps, expensive software or clever marketing practices. I will save you a lot of money if you ask my advice before you sign up to anything on-line. .
 - At my age, I do not rely on this business as my sole source of income. I can give a little and change a lot. (very rewarding actually)
- I am careful, thorough & methodical.

Passion & Purpose 

I literally spend most of my time (kids keep telling me to get a life!) researching relevant information for website beginners. I am endlessly downloading, themes, apps, programs and plug ins. That NBN is crazy fast, cheap and reliable, don't you think? I consistently find there are free versions of anything I want. Even if it doesn't have all the pro's, it may just be that you don't need them all anyway. Poof! I just saved you money!! This is where I come in very handy.
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