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How can I optimise SEO for my website?.

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Having a website without optimising SEO is like driving a car without purposeful direction. The function of the car is to get us from one destination to another. We do not drive (usually) just for the hell of it. Likewise, if you have a website, you have joined the billions of other website vehicles on the internet highway. You may overtake some, and others will overtake you. It is a race to the end, and the prize is being on the first page of a google search from a potential consumer. So how do I optimise my website for search engines?

Have you worked out your roadmap? Do you know where your website is taking you? Or are you the driver of your website, changing lanes within search engine parameters, to get ahead of the traffic? What do you need to know to do this? How much will it cost?
I have been approached by many companies offering to improve my website’s SEO. Many are Google partners (a must in my opinion). As lucrative as it sounds, the monthly cost is usually between $300-$500. We are talking about a yearly SEO budget of up to $25,000. I can’t be the only small business out there who has an advertising budget a great deal less than this.

So which lane should you drive your website in? The slow lane- organic, sustainable SEO – is a great start because you are going in the right direction. Slow and steady may just win the race. Those passing you may crash and burn through speed, fatigue, and erratic driving, but you will keep chugging along.
In saying that, we must understand what is fundamental to the organic, free search.
How to optimise your SEO organically. (see also this post)
1. The domain name you choose should utilize your main keywords (eg a baker will use the keyword ‘bakery’). Look upon your domain as a piece of real estate on the internet. As more and more domains are acquired, a clever domain name can be a great investment. The sale of a great domain name can attract serious money if you have what another investor wants. Most of us are realizing that .com and are the best to buy, as combinations of words have to increase to accommodate more domains. So keep it simple.

2. CONTENT IS EVERYTHING! Make your website full of relevant content that targets your customers and keeps them on your website. Google tracks how long a potential customer stays on your website, and if they return to it. Not only must web content be usable, it must also meet customer needs. Make sure your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate on all devices to optimise your presence.

3. Share. Write a post, share on all the social media you are signed up to. This habit of sharing updates your presence consistently, and lets Google know that you are current and working to optimise your internet presence. Social and commerce platforms are being used to purchase products and services, solve problems and answer questions; they are a significant and integral part of the search landscape.

In short - optimise for customers first and search engines second and you will yield the best results.

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