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Why does it have to be so hard? You don't need a qualification in the damn thing - you just want to get a website up and going. If you have a small business, chances are, you have a budget for advertising. How can you invest in a website that is not going to cost an arm and a leg every time you want to make an update or a modification? And who can you trust out there to do right by you? Getting bamboozled by industry jargon keeps you from being in control, and trying to learn this stuff is, quite frankly,time consuming, confusing and above most people's pay grade. Add to this a mix a bit of dishonesty and you have a recipe for an expensive encounter with the internet if you are non technical.
Notwithstanding your calculated caution, a business with no internet presence is not keeping up with current trends. As a business entrepreneur, advertising and marketing are an essential component to business success. Highway billboards, yellow pages, newspaper adverts and editorials, flyers, brochures, calendars, screen advertising (hospitals etc) and radio advertising have all been integral to any business success. However, the internet presence and social media sharing are quickly overtaking all other forms of advertising as more and more of the population turn to their smart devices to do the searching for them.

Social Media

Okay, you may say, I know all about Facebook. I will do all my advertising on a Facebook page.That would be great- if all your potential customers were users of only Facebook. Chances are they will be a mix of users of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus and other networking sites.
Now, if you had one website, and had control of it all, then what ever information you want to market can get shared from your web page to email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus and LinkedIn with one click of the button. The biggest bonus to doing it this way, is that you will always have your original material - it will not disappear into the never-land of these social media sites. Your website will have an accurate record, categorised, archived and ready to display in seconds. It will be saved on your private piece of cloud that is your website.
So you are now convinced that your business needs a website. Take some time and read my series of lessons on how to get and keep control of your website.
Lesson 1 - Getting startedLesson 2 -Web hosting Lesson 3 - Wordpress WebsitesLesson 4 -Introduction to WordPress Lesson 5 -Wordpress Dashboard Lesson 6 - On Line ShopLesson 7 -Install Plug Ins Lesson 8 - 10 Must-have Plugins
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