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Why isn't my website getting found?

We all get exasperated over issues of the internet.  It ties you up in knots of confusion.  Who can you believe? Who can make sense of it? The jargon alone is enough to send most people running.

In my 'simple speak' series of blogs, delivered weekly, I will be presenting frequently asked questions in a selection of tips and hints for Wordpress website owners who have control of their dashboard. If you want to be the real owner of your website, you will benefit from this plain english explanation of all things website.

Imagine your website like a message in a bottle, bopping about in the never-ending ocean along with a lot of other messages in bottles and an even greater supply of deadwood and debri. Now, over time, a lot of this stuff will make its way, via various currents to a bay, where masses of it will tend to collect. Simply speaking, your website needs TIME to get found. If time is on your side, get a domain, set up a simple website, and forget about it. You can always get back to it later. In the meantime, one of the search engine (eg google) parameters are being met - the test of time.

So if your website is new, chances are, you may need to give it some time. You can always help to push it along though, and this is where the danger of getting ripped off occurs. There are scammers out there who will promise you the world and deliver a small part of it. Beware of any situation where you are locking into a contract or a monthly payment via paypal or your credit card. They are impossible to reverse, should you change your mind about the service. Often people are forced to close down accounts in order to be free of these agreements, which can then come at you via debt collection. Beware I say! Read every word of the terms and conditions. Make sure you know what it will cost to break the contract.

Instead, follow my blog and learn what you can do to improve your natural website movement in very simple speak. I will explain some simple principles to organic optimisation. If you want inorganic optimising, then join the ranks and PAY FOR IT!
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