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Lesson 7 - Install Plugins


5 min

Plug ins value add to your WordPress website. Imagine the WordPress dashboard as the bones, the theme as the muscle, and the plugins as the flesh and skin.

There are a lot of free plug ins. Paid plug ins, like themes, are 'pro' version. Generally, if you choose plug ins that have a great star rating, have been downloaded over 100,000 times and are recently updated are worth a try. If you don't like the plugins , it is easily deactivated. Sometimes, plugins interact with each other and cause trouble with your website. If this happens, you should de-activate each plugins separately to find the culprit.

Some plug ins that are worth installing are:

  1. A back up plug in. (search wp-backup)
  2. An image plug in for your widgets. (search wp-images)
  3. Image resize plug in - saves space (smush)
  4. SEO plug in - Yoast/Jetpack (connects with Google for site statistics)
  5. Shop plug in - (woocommerce)
  6. A cache plug in to speed up your site and find errors (wp-super cache)

Lesson 8 - Must Have Plugins

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