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Whether you are a small business, home based business, blogger, hobbyist, traveler, photographer or simply a grey nomad wanting to share the love, your very own website is a must-have these days. 

Owning a website shouldn't cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Have some time and reasonable intelligence? You can have yourself a piece of digital real estate and your agent, Pauline will set it all up for you. All technical, cpanel file storage is taken care of, so you can concentrate on creating a great website. 

There are many benefits to having a website in conjunction with social media and google my business. Marry these together for great organic search engine optimization. Unlike on social media, all images remain yours in copyright and you can easily share if you so choose. 

It is your own piece of on-line cloud. Get it at a great price right here with monthly payments starting at $19, and stay in control of your website.

I do not wish to make the banks any richer, so making scheduled monthly payments can be easily set up with on-line bank transfers. We can negotiate a price, sign an agreement similar to this sample one. There will be no convoluted terms and conditions, no fine print that negates your rights. You may leave anytime. And take your domain with you!
+ Hosting
One time Deposit $480
 - Domain (or transfer one)
 - Linux Shared Web hosting.
 - Secured website - SSL Certificate
  - Email account for domain
 - Free Responsive Theme for beginners.  
  - Essential plugins for your industry.
 - SEO plug in - get reports easily.
 - 4 pages- home, about, blog & contact us.
 - 2 Lessons to get you started.

Does not include website care or maintenance.  You should feel confident in using WordPress to choose this plan.
AND $1900 monthly
Website, Hosting + Care
One time Deposit $480
-Domain (or transfer one.)
- Linux Shared Web hosting 
- SSL Certificate for security - https:// 
- Email account for domain (4)
- Choose a theme you like, free or premium, and we will work on it together.
- Responsive website for all devices.
- Essential Plugins for your type of website.
- SEO Plugin - easily get report on the dashboard.
- 6 pages – home, about us, blog page and contact us, and 2 others of your choice..
- 3 Lessons to get you started.
- Social Media Integration.
- Bare Care Plan

 - Weekly Back-Ups to protect your data.
• Core Updates of themes and Plug-ins.
• Basic Security Measures
• Strategies for anti-spam in place.
• Monitor website for typos, minor improvements, broken links.
•Minor Amendments - 1 per month (no rollover)

AND $2900 monthly
Website, Hosting + Extra Care
One time Deposit $480
Includes: (I am  doing all the work for you))
- Domain (or transfer one over)
- SSL Certificate for a secure browser (green padlock) - https://
- Linux Shared Web hosting Australian server.
- Set up Email account for domain (eg
- Website built on Oxygen 2 - web developer application for a clean website. Responsive website on all devices.
- Your branding only. (Copyright)
- Google maps integration
- Unlimited pages available.
- Some Content copy writing to get you started. 
- Essential plug ins for your industry type- eg membership. commerce, real estate.
- Google analytics code set up with SEO plug in (free -upgrade anytime). Easily get a free report on how your website is doing.
- Submission to Google, Yahoo, and major search engines.
- Social Media Integration - Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc
- Social Sharing Plug in - to easily share your website & blogs across media platforms.
-Unlimited Pages & Posts
-Large data quota
-Your Own Cpanel Account
Scheduled Back-ups
• Updates on themes & Plugins
• Security Protection ( 3 levels)
• Regular monitoring of website
• 45 min - technical support per month (no rollover)
• Monitor website for typos, minor revisions, broken links.
• Additional training & support for staff members - 2 sessions
• Content management assistance - 3 per month (no rollover)
• Supervision of Content & design styles.

AND $4900 monthly
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