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How to build a website - step by step.

Building a wordpress website can be a mine field of expense. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, you are at the mercy of shysters and spammers, both in Australia and the the rest of the world. There are many reputable businesses, mostly easily researched, and generally costly to employ. So how can you do it with minimal outlay and maximum control?
You will be surprised at the professional wordpress website you and I can make together on a budget. You may spend as little or as much as your funds allow, but your business won't be left behind. Wordpress is a stylish, free and innovative platform for website design, and its also the one that google loves. if you want to be found, be found on Wordpress. It is easy to develop your website, update your posts and blogs, and you can check on the statistics of your site with the installed Google Analytics and Web Master Tools.
How do I set up my domain name and name servers? Too technical? No worries. Some companies are easier to deal with than others and I have done the hard yards. I will help you choose and acquire a wise domain name, (for SEO), and host your package with a WordPress Content Management System.
Now you would like to update the content and images, get linked with social media, add blogs and posts, and analyse your site traffic. There are over 200 strategies that Google uses for matching google customers to relevant websites. Content is priority one, updates are another. However, follow my rule of 20, choose some or all, paid or unpaid, you are likely to increase your web traffic with a bit of fine tuning and clever keyword phrases.
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