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Verifying your Domain Name. 

Have you ever needed to verify and claim your site with webmaster tools? They make it sound so easy. Just paste this code into the <head> and before the <body>, they say. Sounds easy, but where the fork is the head tag? If you are using WordPress, you could use the editor (under appearance) and find the header section to add your code. It can be tricky, because you can ruin your website if you accidentally change anything, or put it in the wrong spot.

There are a few alternative methods given to do this, but by far, the easiest is a plug in called 'insert headers and footers' by wpbeginner. Simply upload this plug in, activate, and find it again under the settings tab.

Now you will need to have both windows open - your dashboard and the verification page of search console. Copy and paste the code you are given into the header section of your plug in. Don't forget to save! Then go to the search console to verify. If successful, you will get a green tick.

If you are a client of mine, I have already verified your website with search console. You will have google analytics linked as well. This was a freebie to make sure that google can track your website, and increase your presence on the search pages.

Tracking how your website is progressing, and implementing the suggestions given by webmaster tools will assist in search optimising.

If you need a website, or want me to add search console to your website, shoot me an email with your details to get started.
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