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What is WordPress?.

The ‘easier way’ when it comes to developing a website is utilising a content management system (CMS). A CMS is a program that lets you edit your website’s content without needing to know any programming language.

With CMS you can:
1. Create and publish web content.
2. Present it to your audience in a professional way provided it has been set up correctly.
3. Store it safely.

A CMS also allows you to create new pages in one click, and inactivate old pages, without worrying about breaking the overall design/functionality of the site. Having a content management system is likely to save you money as if it is a user-friendly one, and you learn the ropes, you won’t need to pay a web developer every time you want to modify the content of your website. A good CMS will also let your online business grow and develop over the time, and will allow you to add new functionality quickly and easily such as photo galleries, blogging, shopping cart etc.
Open-source software or Wordpress CMS is free and basically means it is developed by a community of developers around the world. WordPress started off life as a blogging platform but has now developed into one of the world’s most popular (and free) CMS’s. That is, if you go with Buyer beware! is an entirely different scenario.

Whilst Wordpress is free, you will need to buy hosting and may need some assistance in installing it if you are not techie enough to do it yourself. It has a variety of available modules (known as plug-ins on Wordpress), but as it is ‘open source’ software, it’s really a case of ‘plugging in’ the module and ‘trying them out’.

This is where I can assist in the setting up and building of the bare bones of your website. I install the plug ins to check their suitability for what it is you are trying to achieve. Google Analytics will be installed for checking on visitors by location etc.

Currently, WordPress downloads are over 65 million as at March 2012, so the numbers stack up!
Wordpress Pros:
1. Simple to use - no need for modifications
2. Excellent for blogging or sharing thoughts in a sequential manner and categorising articles/videos/music
3. Most users can get the hang of it quickly
4. A wide variety of themes available (see:org/extend/themes/)
5. Someone with a good grasp of it can turn out a reasonably good looking website
6. Syndication potential
7. Tags and SEO plug ins can help you ‘SEO’ any given post or page
8. System is automatically updated with the latest security fixes
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